Takeru’s Women


I made/compiled this post exclusively for the ONLY WIVES CLUB. Pure chismis post and if you don’t know what that means GET OUT! Okay now that’s out of my system let’s start with

 Akiyama Rina
Kamen Rider Den O costar
Not sure about the dating period 2007/ 2008 to 2010 (?) and just to quote some article about them  ‘’seems Takeru and Rina (apparently her nickname is the queen of asses) are “ardently in love”. Rina Akiyama visited Takeru’s apartment just about every day’’.
She’s a gravure idol and has ‘’the best buttocks in nihon’’. Good Lord her pictures! This is the most rated PG I could find.
Maeda Atsuko (Acchan)

Q10 costar
Ah how do I start with her? Let me tell this one the way I told Beth with a mindset that they’re RUMORS only ;D Okay first of all she’s from AKB48 (idol group) , or used to be since she graduated from the group already, and had a dating ban(company policy I guess) . She starred in Q10 in 2010 with Takeru (cute drama by the way) and I guess they had a thing for each other but can’t really date so a promise to wait was made. (chisms only) Two years later, she graduated and he’s Himura Kenshin, Japan’s boyfriend and our husband (no chisms) . She celebrated her graduation! Yey! Let’s have private party and drink, drink, drink! Let’s invite Takeru and his friends too! Drink, drink, drink! Graduate now which also means no more dating ban. After two years and despite dating rumors with a certain leading lady, it’s probably the best time to confess and fulfill the promise. Alas! His heart’s not yours anymore so just let the tears fall.
OK now as a girl I feel bad for her. She’s just heartbroken and I would be too : (. Drown the pain in alcohol, more sobbing and the party’s over. And no matter how drunk he is, not to mention cute stature and unKenshin like strength, Takeru carried her to the taxi and went with her till she safely got home.
I say Takeru’s a gentleman through and through. It’s  just not a happy ending for her.

 Kasai Tomomi


AHA! Another AKB48 member and rumored to date Takeru sometime between 2008 to 2010. Did she break company policy? GASP! Don’t know much about her except that they posted the same photo( What could it be?) and the paparazzi  photo.


Rosa Kato


Well I actually like her and just because of that she’s included in this list. His love interest in Fuyo No Sakura (love this drama). They’re friends(cheers!) and she’s already married(cheers!).  End of story.

Ishihara Satomi
Ah, this one. His Juliet (ugh!) and you probably know by now that they made out at the after party with so many witnesses. It was probably spur of the moment thing (I hope) and now she’s Oguri Shun’s lady in a drama. ImageImageTakei Emi 


Ah, Beth’s second favorite (next to her). Now we all know her, do we? No evidence yet but strong rumors of them dating. Just look at them.


Ayase Haruka


Before they made this movie


They made this CF for Panasonic.


Remember the flirting on the BTS, remember that.


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