The Ox Was Not Impressed



This is not a review alright? It’s just the impression left to me by the film. First of all, I love Jackie Chan. About seven years ago,I bought a DVD collection of Jackie Chan and Jet Li films. Oh how I love Kung Fu! I’m Filipino Chinese and the Chinese in me could not resist. Jackie Chan had some flop films before and actually forgivable.I’m a fangirl and I forgive a lot.

Last night we watched Chinese Zodiac. It could’ve been a total treat since we were on snuggled on the lazy boy chairs but…Oh JC why? Wei shen me? Wei shen me? Wei shen me? The plot, which had been done before is also forgivable. Sure, the movie was totally Jackie Chan in it’s humor and choreography but God! The acting killed me. I did wish that Jackie made the film a monologue. He could act all the characters by himself. Yep, he could do it without the supporting cast. And for this I mourn for Chen Bolin. I was pleasantly surprised to see Bolin in the cast but it turned sour when I realized his role was so miniscule.It was a super minor role that except for the flash of dimples,he was barely there.It was a real shame since I found him superb in In Time With You and Blue Gate Crossing. I bet though that he felt honored to be in the same film as Jackie Chan.

However, I appreciated the Hong Kong-Taiwan collaboration and also wished that they spoke in their native tongue instead.It could’ve made a difference… maybe.I loved the cameos. And I also wished Shu Qi and Daniel Wu did more than cameo role. The last point to salvage my disappointment was Wang Lee Hom singing the soundtrack.Insert fangirl big smile here. Good point JC BUT please don’t do this type of film again.

Resurrect Drunken Master please! 


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