♫ The last time I went to a concert was…wait!It was a fanmeet/concert and it was two years ago.Holy cow!I live under a rock. It was the KyuSaeng AND Fanmeeting at PICC and being a Triple S,it was one of my best experiences ever.

♫ I can’t stand club music. The type where you can hear the same set of words for the past three hours.

♫ I play the guitar. I’m no maestro but I could do decent.

♫ I don’t own a lot of CDs truthfully,around thirty I guess. SS501 takes up most of it.

♫ The three bands I would like to meet are SS501, One OK Rock and Khalil Fong. Oh damn! Bands!I’d love to see Hanson again. Awesome bands. Awesome music. Awesome personalities.Hot guys.

♫My parents think my music’s different with one constant question “Do you understand them?”

♫ I still buy CDs and the last one was a Christian Bautista CD. Yes,I buy OPM.

♫ I pay attention to both melody and lyrics of any song.

♫ My top 3 albums from SS501 are S.T01, Baby Jun’s Escape and Destination.

♫ I honestly could not think of a band I used to like years ago and not like now. Once I loved your music,I love you for life.

♫ I can concentrate on other things when listening to music as long as it’s my music.

♫ My top 5 music videos are SS501’s Solo Collection MV,One OK Rock’s The Beginning, Baby’s Escape Compilation MV, Khalil Fong’s Little Bug and… BSB’s I Want It That Way.

♫ My mp3 on shuffle gives me these first 5 songs: Blood Type A Man by SS501 Kim Hyung Jun,I’m A Fool by Stay, Give Me Your Heart by Romeo(SS501 Park Jung Min), U Got Me by Nesse and Sing Along Song by Khalil Fong.

♫ I don’t sing in the shower.I have a world tour concert in the shower.

♫ I listen to music every day from the moment I wake up till I fall asleep.

♫ I wish I could play piano and violin.

♫ I could never describe myself in one song.

♫ The world would not be a world at all without music.

♫ I liked Pop Rock and Asian music 10 years ago and I love them now.


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