I Believe In the Impossible

My disbelief of things probably outweighs the things I believe in. However, here are the things I have unwavering faith in.

1. I believe in aliens. It could be Roswell’s fault or too many reruns of Ancient Aliens, but I do believe there is life out there. They may even look or talk like us or we are the actual extra terrestrials who invaded Earth and found the place suitable for living. I even have this belief that somewhere in a far, far away galaxy, we have the exact counterpart of ourselves living an opposite (if not better) lives. I hope mine’s rich and taller.

2. I believe in the Apocalypse. It’s not the 2012/Day After Tomorrow thing. It’s TH E Apocalypse Bible thing (though I highly avoid the word ”plague”) and I do have a specific scenario in mind. Before I tell you what it is, you should know that I’m not religious. I am Catholic but I belong to the ”new age liberated breed of Catholics”. This belief, you can actually call it fear, was ingrained in my brain not by my parents but by pesky old townspeople who wanted to ”instil” fear in us. Irrational as it is, and I know it is, I believe and I fear this day will come. It is the where all the land will be touched by darkness. Demons will arise and enter homes through cracks. Electricity and candles will not work unless they were blessed by holy water. This gave me nightmares. They still do sometimes. I hope to God that when that day comes, in whatever form, my great great great great great grandchild is old enough.


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