My Fine 25 Centavo Coin



I dipped my hand into my coin jar and got one Australian dollar dated 1984. I wasn’t even in existence that year but my brother was, so I decided to pick another coin. My bumped into a 25 centavo coin dated 2000. Ah! 2000… the Millennium Year, Y2K. It was the year the world feared for a long time but nothing really happened.

           Now, where was I in the year 2000? I was in high school. I was a scrawny, thin 14 year old looking forward to being 15 at the end of the year. I was a junior in high school, quite shy but very competitive with studies and I had my first boyfriend. I have no idea if that’s exciting enough for some.

           That year I was finally allowed to join the Diocesan Provincial Youth Camp. I got to travel, stay away from home for five days, and saw my seminarian crush and stay up late every night. Though I knew that my parents would’ve never allowed this if my brother wasn’t there.

        2000 was the year I got to claim back my no. 1 spot in the honor’s list of the class. I was, unfortunately, third on the previous year. I claimed it back, crush my competitor (who later became my second boyfriend) and glorified in it. I mentioned a boyfriend earlier. We were only together for two months before I broke up with him. It was perfectly legal with my family. The way I announced the relationship to my mother was one of the most nerve-wracking and now one of the funniest things I’ve ever done. It was the day after we became an official item. We were in the living room quietly watching TV with my little sister. I was sitting on our wooden floor, leaning back on a chair while my mother ”tinkered” with my hair. The mood was so relaxing, I hated breaking it up but I had to. My sweats were turning cold when I suddenly said, “Ma, do you know (insert BF’s name here)?” She just grunted without looking and casually replied, “Why? Your boyfriend?” I was flabbergasted. I looked at her with wide eyes and she just laughed. My sister laughed. My brother came in, they told him and he laughed out loud. Apparently, the idea of me having a boyfriend was hilarious. Story of my life.

        Well I guess 2000 was exciting enough. I was a fighter who had little sleep and got laughed at. My 2000 worked fine just for me. I didn’t find Y2K bugs in my system. It was just fine.


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