My Sakabatou


The list of things to love about Takeru is quiet long. Ladies, we know what they are. He’s hot! He can captivate people with his huge eyes, those God-given lips and sexy locks all packed in a tight lean body. He’s my favorite b-boy which, aside from being in Riden O and the perfect Himura Kenshin, makes him really, really cool. He’s also adorable. Our neko chan loves cats so much. Any guy who genuinely cares for animals get super mega plus points in my book. He’s a diverse actor. He can literally play ANY role, from being a ”princess” to idiot to hero to villain. He’s a smart guy and he knows ENGLISH (plus points racking up). Apparently, he’s also a gentleman. But that’s not really why I love him.

He may not know it but Takeru saved me from one of the loneliest day of my life… my birthday. Last December, on my birthday, was probably the crappiest birthday I could’ve ever had if not for him. On the 21st day of that month (yes, we’re both born on the 21st of the month), I woke up alone, angry and hungry. If it wasn’t for the ”wonders” of Facebook, the people who would remember my birthday would not get past the fingers on one hand and now I sound like a kid. That morning, I was thinking on who to bother to come with me to celebrate my birthday but the fact that no one texted me, except my parents who were miles and miles away, told me that nobody’s probably available so I wallowed in the loneliness. I went to the mall, went to Burger King and ate alone on the table. I didn’t understand why on that day, on that hour, I was the only one inside Burger King who was eating alone. Everyone else was sitting beside someone they know and chatting loudly. I just ate quietly and scratched my nose. Let’s add salt to the wound now. My sister came back that afternoon to remind me that we had to give the puppies to their new owners and leave our own puppy to the vet. Because of that alone, my day just turned for the worst. Then my sister left again to attend their Christmas party. I went back to the mall to stroll aimlessly then I passed by the theatres and saw Ruoruni Kenshin still on. For the first time that day, I smiled and without thinking I rushed to the cashier to buy one ticket. It would be the fourth time I’ve seen that movie but who cares? It was my freakin’ birthday! And so there I was, I fangirled inside the cinema. It was already dark when I left and every single shred of loneliness and self pity I felt that day was gone. Shallow you may say? I don’t care. I was happy and it felt good.

And today is Takeru’s birthday. I sincerely wish him happiness today. I wish he’s not alone. If he’s alone, then I wish he’s happy about it. I wish him love in all ways. Takeru, thank you for saving my happiness. Happy, happy, happy birthday!


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