1. Be faithful (else, you’ll find yourself in the bottom of a dark, endless pit). Just love me and respect me.

2.Win over or at least get along my parents, my sister and my brother. I mean really win them over. I hate awkward and uncomfortable situations so if you can win them over, everybody is at ease.

3. Realize that I’m a neurotic female. I’m quite moody with unpredictable emotions and I hope you can cope.

4. Understand that I’m a Triple S and a fangirl. If you don’t know what that means then you better find out and realize that I will not and cannot separate that from my life. I have a quirky taste in music so accept that.

5. Let me sleep when I want to and let me eat. Bring me food so better find out what my favorites are.

6. Watch movies with me and I mean really watch and enjoy.

7. Be sensitive. I trust you know what that means.

8. Surprise me. Not just with planned events, be unpredictable with your actions and statements. If it’s not rude, I may find it adorable.

9. Childlike but not childish. I hope you know the difference.

10.  Be respectful without being so serious.

11. Make me laugh. Take me somewhere fun. Though I have to warn you, don’t take me to clubs and disco houses and don’t force me to dance in the middle of a floor and rub bodies with other sweaty people.

1.So serious. Why so serious? Lighten up and laugh. I love genuine laughter so don’t fake it either.

2. So sweet. Sometimes I barf at too much sweetness. You don’t have to bring me flowers or chocolates (but if it’s food, sometimes you have to). I don’t need you talking like some love-sick, sappy poet. just say what you want to say without being so nauseatingly sugar-prime talker.

3. Call or text me several times of the day. I’m not that kind of girl so I don’t need that kind of guy either but it doesn’t mean you have to ignore me.

4. Make rude comments about my face or my body but you don’t have to lie either. Just be respectful.

5.Go to concerts with me. I mean it, don’t attend concerts with me when I’m being a fangirl. And with this comes…Don’t insult my fave artists or my fandom. I promise you, it just might be the end of us.

6. Be pushy, nagger or order me around. Don’t tell me what to do or tell me to go somewhere.

7. Buy me anything….except food. Really, don’t buy anything.

8. More vain than me. Seriously, unless you’re an actor who needs the maintenance to keep the job, don’t be such a primp, pompous, over tanned jerk who loves his ”stylist” more than me. But don’t be such a slob either.

      I can only promise to love you in the way I know and I am extremely faithful. Amen.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lacartera
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 03:28:25

    I love your list. 😉


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