Day 7: 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 7: Your favorite Japanese Drama?

Tonbi and Q10



Yes they’re all Takeru’s drama. I love the man and his dramas. These two are my absolute favorites. Tonbi is a one of a kind drama. In the ocean of romance dramas, Tonbi went for family and by God! It went straight for my heart. It was so simple yet so compelling and the lessons after one episode will haunt you and make you take a second look at your own life and family. Tonbi is gold! Q10 is a beautiful, beautiful drama. Yes the plot sounds ridiculous at first but as the drama moves, it actually makes sense. Besides Takeru and Maeda being so cute here, the supporting cast is adorable too. (Kento!) Some people didn’t like the ending but I think it was just right. You may fall madly in love but you’ve got to love others too.


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