I worry too much and I’ll never be a good mother…I guess

My younger sister and I live together. We’re both adults and I think I worry too much about her. In fact, I think I worry too much about everything that I think it’s unhealthy. But it’s my sister I worry too much most of the time. She’s one of the most responsible adults I know but every time she’s out late at night, I worry about her. Years ago, we were in college when she  moved to the city with me. She was just sixteen at that time and I was 19. On the first night in the city, she went out alone and when she wasn’t still at home two hours than she was supposed to, I assumed the worst and panicked. I went out and roamed the city to look for her. When I couldn’t find her, I actually cried with worry. Nine years later, here I am again. I hate the feeling of worrying and my most creative brain that thinks too much. If this is how I am with my adult sister and even with my dog, I will never be a good mother. And this is also probably why I’ll never be a mother at all. I cannot let go of people I care about. It’s one of my worst flaw. Aaargh! My sister has to come home soon before I lost my mind.


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