Letter to My 17 Year Old Self

To The Chinese Looking Girl in Room 14
Second Bed From the Right
Upperwing Girl’s Hall
Hall 1, UPV

Dear Me,

You’re now 17 and this is the year your easy,nice life is about to change. Don’t be scared… Or maybe you should be but don’t let it play through your mind everyday. I would like to help you. This year won’t be easy so I’m here to give you some things to get by. I’m going to start with the hardest one.

Talk to somebody, to Bee, your roommate Riza, to your sister, and talk to your parents. Don’t be scared and embarrassed to tell them that you have anxieties. They won’t judge you. Tell them you’re not shy but you get really scared and nauseous around other people. Don’t be ashamed to talk about your fears. Please do me this HUGE favor and talk about yourself. Don’t let fear control your life. TALK. I swear to you that this will save your life…my life. Don’t worry too much about every single thing when you wake up. Life will just flow.

Don’t fret too much about your “plain” face. Believe it or not,you are desirable. From this year forward,men will fall on your feet. Choose carefully… But not too much. Go ahead! Fall in love, break hearts and let your heart be broken. You will lose some friends. Some won’t look back and others will be gone forever. You will not break easily. You are not fragile. You are stronger than you think.

Have fun! There are rules you will not regret breaking. There are decisions that will feel right but you will regret. That’s alright! Your resiliency will amaze the people you never thought has noticed you.

You will be a crazy fangirl and you will not regret it. It is a happy place you can always sink into. And it would also be helpful if you could learn Mandarin,Korean,Japanese,Spanish and French right now.

You will gain friends for life. Cherish them! Your family will mean more to you than you think. Appreciate them! Remember to speak out! Don’t stop writing! It will save you a number of times. Your thoughts are important. Let somebody hear them. Remember, you are strong and don’t let anybody (no matter how important you think they are) tell you otherwise.

I’m telling you right now what I wished somebody told me ten years ago. YOU ARE STRONG! BE HAPPY AND NEVER LOSE YOUR SMILE. I lost mine for several years and it took me a while before I got it back. I hope you will never lose yours. You’re smarter and stronger than you think. You will get through anything. JUST SPEAK.

                                                                                                      Love yourself,



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