This week just started and had been pretty hectic already. I’m finally getting my government IDs and it’s starting to feel like a responsible adult (which was never my trait). I had to open a bank account for my paypal and process my passport and since I’ve been out of the loop, I needed to update my IDs and have them validated. I’ll be getting my SSS card and Philhealth as well but I’ve always wanted to get a Postal ID so I got one. I hope this could help somebody. Here are the simple steps:

1. Prepare photocopies of your NSO Birth Certificate, your cedula (go to your barangay centers and you can get one there, it’s fast and easy), barangay clearance and barangay ID with the Barangay Captain’s signature, 3 pieces of 2X2 pictures and the postal id application form.

2. Download the postal id application form here.

3. Go to your Barangay Center. They will help you with almost everything you need to process your ID.

4. After accomplishing your form, go to the nearest postal office and submit the requirements. You’ll need to pay a fee. Fees vary according to location, kindly ask your postmaster. I paid Php 320 and I live in Quezon City. And that’s it, I applied 30 minutes before they closed so I got my ID the next morning. If you’re early, you can get yours right away.


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