About Mar



I’m Mar. I was named after Mama Mary and born on Marian year but I can’t say anything holy about me. Nobody calls me by my full name except those who hold a grudge against me so just call me Mar.

I’m marginally insane.

My blood is Type O. Type Os are outgoing, very social, creative, popular and confident. All of which I’m dubious to possess. I’m just type O and because O does not have the A or B antigens on the membranes of the blood cells, I’m a universal blood donor.

I dream of hilarity. I need to laugh at least once a day.

I’m a FANGIRL. I’m a FANGIRL. I’m a FANGIRL. There goes your red flag.

I write the woes and demands of a useless, love struck but adorable fangirl’s kokoro. I’m forever writing an ”unpublishable” book.



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