It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I was too busy ignoring this and I’ve been maintaining another blog. I see my stats and noticed a number of people checking out my Sato Takeru tags from a long time ago. Can I just please repeat one thing about the women post? They are just RUMOURS and nothing is proven…yet. It was just a post for my equally gossip driven friends. *insert smile here* Thank you for being curious! I doubt I was of any help but nevertheless, thank you! Spread the neko chan love!


Day 17: Your favorite Drama character?

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 17: Your favorite Drama character?




I have yet to watch the new Itazura Na Kiss-Love in Tokyo but my favorite drama character is Kinnosuke Nakamura (manga character name). In Playful Kiss he was Bong Joon-gu played by Lee Tae-Sung. In It Started With A Kiss and They Kissed Again, Jiro Wang played Jin Yuan Feng (Ah Jin). He’s Jiang Zhi Shu’s rival and Xiang Qin’s “stalker” and close friend. I love how crazy he gets yet there is unspeakable balance about this character. Though heartbroken in the end, and have every right to be angry, he still chose to be the voice of reason by giving the two protagonists a way to find each other. When a girl you love has outright turn you down, confesses her love to another man and cries when you’re about to kiss her, a man could only take so much heartache. He was depressed for a while but he never lost his humor. I love the resiliency of this character. He wasn’t easily disappointed nor did he give up his love. The love he felt for the female protagonist never left the story. The love just evolved. It was a joy to watch him gave the same love to the male protagonist when they were married. He offered loyalty and friendship to the very end. He had so much love to give that I was so happy when Taiwan’s version and manga (I’m not sure if Japan showed this. I will find out) showed how he found his own true love. One last thing I love about this character was that he never turned into a bitter rival/antagonist that would plot schemes to break the couple apart. He was heartbroken and he dealt with it like a man.

Day 16: Your favorite actress?

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Japan- Inoue Mao
FIERCE but sweet!


but girl crushing on Fujii Mina


Korea- Yoon Eun Hye
She’s a princess!


Taiwan- Rainie Yang
I watched her bloomed from a giggly girl to a classy woman in ten years.


and Ady An
She’s so regal!


Day 14: What Drama are you currently watching?

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 14: What Drama are you currently watching?
Last Cinderella, Ryomaden and King 2 Hearts




My review’s reserved til I finish watching them.

Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?

 Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?

I missed posting yesterday so two for today.

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge
Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen? Rookies

I never thought BAKA could be beautiful. Rookies is the most BAKA filled drama and I’m not complaining. Adorable cast,simple but somehow complex plot about friendship,passion and determination made me finish this in two nights. And I almost forgot to mention that it was HILARIOUS!


Day 12: 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 12: 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 12: Your favorite Drama ending? Tonbi

I may have misunderstood the last challenge.Lol. My favorite drama ending was Tonbi’s. It was a beautiful,breathtaking,nostalgic and complete conclusion. Plus the sight of Takeru as otosan gave me minutes of giggles.


Day 11: Your favorite Drama opening? Black & White Opening Theme

I love this simply because it’s BADASS!

thanks to Crzy4You893 for uploading on yt


Day 10: 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 10: Your favorite Drama insert song? Come A Little Closer by Lara (ISWAK)

This song is so ke ai.I love how they change the song’s pace and transform it to another genre that depended on the scene’s demand. Lara’s voice is just joy. The lyrics’ cute too.

I silently wait behind you

Really want to see your accidental smile

May be you do not understand my heart

I will try to flatter you


I’m the clumsy one in your eyes

I will not give up my will to follow you

I just need you to give me some response

I will accept a smile or a nod.


Can I come near a little closer

Confess my feeling to you loudly

Don’t shut yourself in your own world anymore

The warm sun welcomes you


Can I come near a little closer

Can I be braver a little bit

Even if I knew it’s always a one way love

I will still keep my gratitude

Smilling to you and say goodbye.

credits to justsomelyrics for the song translation

pic credit to

thanks to Kelly Vo on yt for uploading the vid

Day 9: 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 9: Your favorite Korean Drama? Princess Hours (Goong)



I love Yoon Eun hye. She’s a kdrama Queen!I love this drama. What I didn’t like about Goong is any scene with the villain queen and the number of episodes. Any drama surpassing twenty episodes is too long for me. Things escalate too slow for me.I’m impatient. Goong’s definitely a drama I’ve watched with subs, no subs and ridiculous subs.I even watched the Tagalog dubbed and Chinese dubbed versions. That’s how much I suffered for this drama. I belted the soundtrack a number of times in the shower. This drama will always be in my recommendation list.

Day 8: 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 8: Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?
Mars and It Started With a Kiss




Mars is a drama from heaven. Yes it’s Zai zai and Da S drama repairing from Meteor Garden but this drama is diamond. It’s a romance/psychological drama and the actors delivered such incredible and complex performances. This is the drama that made Zai zai AN ACTOR. The OST is GORGEOUS to the ears. Their duet Rang Wo Ai Ni gives me the tingles over and over again. A hundred stars for Mars. It Started With a Kiss and They Kissed Again…I never tire of watching these two. I don’t care what others say about these dramas but they’re perfect!I love the script, characters, the normal clothes, the soundtrack AND THE KISSES!


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