A Pier of Beauty

     Last Christmas vacation, I went back to my hometown in an itsy, bitsy undiscovered provincial beauty of Romblon. On my first morning, my mother woke me up and asked me to accompany her on her morning jog. Her “jog” was basically a walk to the pier. I groaned out load when I saw the time. It was just fifteen minutes past five. I may be a grown woman but I can never ignore my mother. We walked to the almost deserted pier… AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

     How did I grew up here and not appreciate this? Wind was blowing quite fiercely as water raged and pounded the rocks. I was awestruck that I had to take out my phone and snap a few pictures. I hope more people can appreciate the sheer beauty of a simple town’s sea port and the magnificent sea. I grew up here. I was tossed into these seas by my father who taught us how to swim when I was two. I swam in these waters with my childhood friends. I traveled in ships from this pier for countless times and yet it took me decades before I could truly love it. Shame on me. I hope you also appreciate this glimpse of my hometown.