Day 16: Your favorite actress?

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Japan- Inoue Mao
FIERCE but sweet!


but girl crushing on Fujii Mina


Korea- Yoon Eun Hye
She’s a princess!


Taiwan- Rainie Yang
I watched her bloomed from a giggly girl to a classy woman in ten years.


and Ady An
She’s so regal!



Day 9: 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Day 9: Your favorite Korean Drama? Princess Hours (Goong)



I love Yoon Eun hye. She’s a kdrama Queen!I love this drama. What I didn’t like about Goong is any scene with the villain queen and the number of episodes. Any drama surpassing twenty episodes is too long for me. Things escalate too slow for me.I’m impatient. Goong’s definitely a drama I’ve watched with subs, no subs and ridiculous subs.I even watched the Tagalog dubbed and Chinese dubbed versions. That’s how much I suffered for this drama. I belted the soundtrack a number of times in the shower. This drama will always be in my recommendation list.